Well, here you are.  Did you think you had such amazing organization skills before planning your wedding?  Everything is almost complete.  You are down to the last remaining days.  You’re probably feeling pretty accomplished about all that you’ve tackled since the day you first became engaged but there are still a few things to wrap up.

Here’s the final wedding planning check list with some help from Real Simple:

The week of the Wedding:

  • CONFIRM, CONFIRM, CONFIRM your vendors!!  Yes, it may seem overboard but again, better to be over prepared than have a last minute surprise.
  • Discuss with your photographer one last time the timeline of group photos as well as candid moments you want captured.
  • Delegate wedding day tasks.  Choose someone to mind your dress, carry your things, someone to be in charge of gifts, someone to bring snacks to the dressing room, and someone to be the point person for every vendor.  Don’t feel bad about asking.  That’s the wedding party’s duty.
  • Send a wedding day timeline to the bridal party.  What time they should arrive, be dressed, expect to take pictures, arrive at the reception, etc.  Share each member’s contact information and note to whom you have delegated tasks such as the above mentioned.
  • Pick up dress/tux (if you didn’t delegate someone to do that for you) & break in your shoes.  Trust us – if they are new shoes, you want to break them in a little each day so your feet aren’t screaming an hour into all the fun.
  • Settle up with the vendors & set aside money for tipping them if it’s not included in your final check.
  • Send final guest list to the caterer.  Most places only need it 48-72 hours before the date of your event.