Wash & Fold FAQ

What You Need to Know

Thinking about getting some help doing your laundry but have a few questions? Keep reading to find out more about Classic Cleaners’ time-saving and convenient wash & fold laundry service.


Do I have to sort my lights and darks?

No, Classic Cleaners will sort your items for you.

What should I do if I have an item with a stain?

We can help. Just point it out, and we’ll pre-treat the item before it’s washed.

Do you wash my items with other people’s clothes?

No, Classic Cleaners always washes each customer’s loads separately.

Is there anything you won’t wash?

Use your best judgment. As a rule of thumb, if it’s an item you usually dry clean or hand wash at home, then it’s not going to be a good fit for our wash & fold laundry service. You can put that item in a separate bag, and we will clean it accordingly.

What if I need to wash a brand new item that might bleed?

Classic Cleaners always sorts and washes loads by color. If you have concerns about a particular item, we recommend washing it by itself at home before sending it to us.

Will you hand wash delicate items?

While we do wash a wide range of items as part of our wash & fold laundry service, it really is meant for cleaning everyday items. However, we can and will hand wash your delicates for an additional charge. We just ask that you put these items in a separate bag.

What happens if I leave something in a pocket?

Don’t worry! It’s part of our process to always check all pockets. If some spare change is in a pocket, we’ll apply it to your account. Anything else, we’ll put into a bag and return to you.

What if I only have one thing to get washed?

We’ll wash whatever you put in your bag. If you just have one item, though, it might be more economical to use our dry cleaning service.

Do you follow cleaning instructions on manufacturer tags?

Yes, we always following cleaning instructions. If you’d like to clean an item with our wash & fold laundry service that has a label indicating it should be dry cleaned or hand washed, you can sign a waiver.

What if all my stuff won’t fit in my laundry bag?

No problem. We’ll get you another laundry bag.

Do I need to bring mesh laundry bags?

No, Classic Cleaners has you covered. We have mesh laundry bags that we’ll use as needed to protect your items from anything with a velcro opening, hook-and-eye clasp fasteners, or any other types of closures that might harm the other things in your load.

What kind of detergent and fabric softeners do you use?

Classic Cleaners uses the best available allergen-free, odor-free products.

If you’re a regular wash & fold laundry service customer, you can send in your preferred detergent for us to use to clean your items. We’ll even let you know when your supply is running low.


How do you fold clothes?

We fold just like department stores. That way your items will take up less space and neatly fit back into your drawers. For your socks, we’ll pair them and then fold them in half.

Can I get some of my items returned on hangers?

Sure, just let us know which items you want to be returned on a hanger instead of folding.
Note: For this add-on service, it costs an extra 30¢ per item returned on a hanger.

What if I want something pressed after it’s washed?

Classic Cleaners’ wash & fold laundry service is meant for general laundry.

For nicer shirts that need pressing and other items that require special care, you’ll get the best results with our shirt laundry or dry cleaning service.

We even have experts with experience cleaning and restoring delicate heirlooms, like christening gowns, vintage quilts, military uniforms, wedding dresses, and more.

What happens if an item is missing?

If something goes missing, please contact your store team member or your delivery driver. We’ll take a closer look and make it right.

What happens if everything doesn’t fit back into my laundry bag once the items are washed and folded?

We’ll put any remaining items that don’t fit into another laundry bag so that nothing gets overly wrinkled.


Is there a charge for the laundry bag?

No, laundry bags are free.

What does Classic Cleaners’ wash & fold service cost?

Our free reusable bags are big enough to hold multiple loads of laundry. Our price per individual bag is $45. Please note that to properly care for your items, there is a 29-pound maximum, all items must be able to fit inside our bag and the bag must be able to completely cinch close. Overflowing bags will be separated into additional bags.
We also offer a monthly subscription, Wash & Fold Laundry Service Plus! There are four different plans to choose from, and subscriptions are the best value.

When do I pay?

You pay when you pick up your items from a store or upon delivery to your home or office, unless you have a monthly subscription. Subscription holders pay monthly based on their renewal date.

Pickup & Delivery

Do I have to be around when the driver comes?

No, you don’t have to be home or at your office. Just let us know where we should pick up your items and leave your cleaned ones.

Do I have to tip my driver?

Although tips are much appreciated, you aren’t expected to tip your driver.

What if I schedule a pickup but forget to get my stuff out for my driver?

Oops! That happens sometimes. We’ll get it next time or you could drop off your items at a nearby store. Miss your driver by a few minutes? Give them a call. If your driver is nearby, they will swing back by your house or office to get your things.