Always Open

We realize that you have busy schedules, which is why we offer 24/7 service, drop off and pick up on your schedule, not ours. This convenient service is available at 15 of our 18 locations, 6 of them are fully automated with a 24/7 Kiosk.


“Always top notch cleaning and store assistants. They were very helpful in training me on your new automated system, and am glad there are personnel to provide that personal touch.” Deb C.
“Great for people who work late hours. Easy to pickup and drop off” Tyler B.
“Debbie is always so friendly & helpful! She took the time to teach me how to use the kiosk to pick up your dry cleaning which is available 24/7. The quality of the cleaning is excellent. Have never been disappointed in the quality of their work.” Irene C.
“This was my first experience with the new 24/7 self service kiosk and I was so impressed! I was pleasantly greeted, shown how to use it, at drop off and pick up, and left with a smile! I’m very happy with my experience at every level. Thank you!” Jen M.
“Very handy, efficient and trustworthy. I like the automated experience and the comfort of knowing there is an associate available if needed. We continue to be pleased with all phases of the experience. Great location, easy access, simple process setting up account in store, which is basically automated. Do not fear, however. There is an attendant readily available to help. The quality of cleaning service was great upon pickup” Ted H.