Gown Restoration

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to return your grandmother’s, your mother’s or your own treasured wedding gown to its former beauty? Our restoration experts regularly work miracles, restoring the pure white and cream colors of gowns that have been yellow for decades.

Using the same technologies and methods proven in our MuseumCare™ wedding gown preservation process, our experts gently clean your gown, removing ancient stains and yellowing. Depending on the extent of damage, we may be able to repair the fabric, lace, beads and other areas as needed. The goal is always to make the gown just as beautiful as the day it was first worn.

After the restoration process, we can press and prepare the dress for immediate use, or we can preserve it in an archival-quality preservation box for a future ceremony.

Please visit us today at 8071 Knue Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250, across from Castleton Square Mall. We are happy to provide a free consultation about restoring your heirloom wedding gown at any of our locations.

Before and after

The photographs on this page are of a dress that we half-restored to show the amazing difference between “before” and “after.” When we are not displaying this dress at a bridal show, it may be viewed at our Knue Road headquarters in our private alterations/fitting room.

The “before” side of the dress is of a flat and deeply ingrained yellow that one would never suppose could be removed. In contrast, the restored side is of a beautiful cream color that shines with its original luster.

The approximately 60 Year old gown on the right was brought back to it’s original color after two generations of wear and storage! The gown was worn by the current owners’ Grandmother and then her Mother and soon she will wear it in her wedding now that we’ve brought back to it’s original color and condition. Congratulations!