Summer is a season one would assume would be the most popular time to get married but according to The Knot, fall has overtaken summer as the most popular wedding season with 40% of couples planning fall ceremonies!

According to the Knot’s 2016 wedding statistics, 16% of of couples choose to get married in October and September (a tie!), with June in third place at 13%. Pinterest’s 2017 wedding report found that searches for fall weddings were up 280%.

Let’s look at the Pros, and Cons, of getting married in the Fall:


– As mentioned above, mild weather. Reduced chance of rain and pretty consistent temperatures help you anticipate what the weather will be like when planning venue and attire. No longer the highest heat of summer, it’s still warm, sunny and the sun sets late evening still. Perfect for amazing outdoor pictures. If you’re envisioning an outdoor wedding, you have many options all the way to mid October. You’ll know exactly what to expect months in advance.

– Wide range of color options and minimal décor expense, if you choose. Opposite of popular summer pastels, Fall calls for fun with color such as deep jewel tones purple, red, and green that pop with the changing leaves rich colors of bronze and orange. Cut down on decor costs by using greenery found outside in your natural surroundings, especially if a rustic barn style wedding is your preference.

– More Vendor and Venue availability. Although Fall is becoming more popular, there are more Saturdays to choose from as compared to the 4 desirable Saturdays in June. I was married on September 7th and as we started planning ahead roughly a year in advance, we found our venues and vendors had more availability compared to the popular summer months (back in 2002).


– Financially planning. If a fall wedding is your desire, you may need forgo that summer vacation and keep in mind the holidays are right around the corner. If planning a destination wedding, keep in mind your guests may feel the pinch to spend the money as their budgets may be tighter this time of year too.

– It’s a popular season for the trendy rustic, barn theme. If you are planning this type of Fall concept, you may need to plan in advance more then a year ahead. Many barns and lodges are booking way in advance. Additionally, you may feel that your motif has been overdone by the time November rolls around.

– Sunny summer skin and hair now appears dry. Something else you will need to forgo the summer prior to your fall wedding is too much time in the sun. We know you want to look your best on your big day and summer weather can wreck havoc on your skin and hair. Plan in advance for rest from the elements, a deep hair condition, and time for your your skin care regime to balance out your skin tone and texture.

What do you think are the pros and cons of getting married in the Fall? If married, what season was your wedding and why did you choose that time of year?