Traditionally summer is huge for weddings, but the Fall season is a close second. Just in case you haven’t been to a wedding in a while, here’s a refresher course in wedding guest etiquette to ensure you’re not “that guest” on someone’s big day.

1. RSVP as soon as possible. This faux pas is many brides’ number one pet peeve. Do you know what it takes to plan all the details of a wedding? The last thing the bride and groom wants to do is reach out to you to see if you’re coming.

2. If the invitation says adults only, don’t ask to bring your children. This puts the bride and groom in a tough spot. They’ve already indicated their preference and no matter how close a family member or friend you are, respect their wishes and let it be.

3. Arrive on time. It’s distracting when you rush in late, especially if you’re weaving through the wedding party, lined up ready to go, to take a seat.

4. Don’t wear white. Just don’t do it. This is a hard rule. Unless the Bride specifies guests should wear white, it’s rude.

5. Don’t complain about the food (or anything). If you have food allergies, maybe note that on your RSVP, otherwise, roll with the menu choices and politely refuse any item you should avoid or doesn’t meet your taste buds.

6. Dance with the bride, groom and wedding party at the reception. Leave your inhibitions at the door and let your hair down. Shake your booty on the dance floor and help the bride and groom enjoy a fabulous party.

7. Don’t make a toast unless you’re asked. Nothings more awkward than someone interrupting the flow with an unplanned rambling toast. Write a beautiful, heartfelt note and include it with your gift if you feel the need to share intimate feelings with the bride or groom.