Nancy Mayhood has been a valued employee of Classic Cleaners for over 13 years. She was quickly promoted to store manager 12 years ago and is appreciated by many of our customers who frequent the store she manages at 4211 E. 62nd Street. Prior to joining Classic Cleaners 13 years ago, Nancy worked for an Optical company for 29 years!

An Indianapolis native and graduate of Tech High School on the east-side of Indianapolis, Nancy says the best thing about working at Classic Cleaners is the company itself. She speaks very highly of the managing partners and specifically, Mr. Arnold, who started the company over 31 years ago. While Nancy’s son was stationed in Afghanistan, Mr. A. (as he’s called) showed extreme kindness and generosity towards her son, his wife and their children.

Stationed in Lancaster, PA., Nancy’s son has served in the Army for 18 years and says although he can retire in two years, he’s going to stay and continue with a career in the Army. On behalf of all of us at Classic Cleaners – we thank him!

Nancy and her Husband had the opportunity to visit her son in Pennsylvania and on the drive back to Indianapolis, they stopped at Gettysburg. Nancy describes the visit as “very humbling” seeing the beauty and the tragedy of “all those white stones with numbers and the unknowns”. She highly recommends one visits Gettysburg if given the chance.

Nancy has a Daughter who lives in Jackson Hole, WY., with her Husband, and their child. Her Husband is also serving in the Army. Nancy hasn’t had a chance to visit Jackson Hole yet but she enjoys hearing stories from her Daughter regarding the Moose that end up in her yard grazing on the grass.

When the kids were younger and living with Nancy, they all enjoyed horseback riding. They lived on a 100 acre farm in Rockville, IN and Nancy raced Quarter horses. Nancy grew up with three siblings: Two Brothers and one Sister. All but her Sister, who lives in Grand Rapids, MI, lives in Indianapolis and they all remain very close. This 4th of July, Nancy’s siblings and their families will be celebrating at Nancy’s house for a big family cookout.

When not working at the store, she and her Husband enjoy hiking, fishing and touring Indy together. They like to visit picturesque areas outside of the city, such as one of Nancy’s favorite cities, Madison, IN. She loves the scenery and the antique stores where she scours for unique antique furniture, blue & white porcelain items and Angel figurines. Coincidentally, one of Nancy’s brothers owns an antique shop in town and she enjoys patronizing his shop too.

Thank you Nancy, for sharing with us your background and letting us get to know you better!

What were you the most surprised to learn about Nancy? Be sure to stop in and say hi to her next time you’re in the area!