I remember years ago if one drove downtown to work each day, when the work day was done, one drove back to his/her home in the suburbs. If you visited downtown Indianapolis on the weekend, it was unlikely you would pass someone walking on the sidewalks or sitting in the many green spaces we have today. Today, times have changed!

Over the last 20 years, a HUGE revitalization has happened among the streets and neighborhoods of downtown Indianapolis. One could argue our city has always had wonderful downtown restaurants, entertainment, sports, museums and parks. But now, with convenient, walkable (and bike-able) access and the surge in residential development (luxury condos & refurbished historic neighborhoods), downtown is a desirable place to work, live and play.

There are 15 Downtown historic/recognized neighborhoods Downtown:

♦  Babe Denny
♦  Bates-Hendricks
♦  Cole Noble Commercial Arts District
♦  Chatham-Arch & Massachusetts Avenue
♦  Cottage Home
♦  Fayette Street
♦  Fletcher Place
♦  Holy Cross
♦  Irish Hill
♦  Lockerbie Square
♦  Old Northside
♦  Pogue’s Run
♦  Ransom Place
♦  St. Joseph
♦  Upper Canal

Individuals who are trying to live a greener lifestyle can leave their car at home and walk to work, to shop, to eat and to visit the many parks and green spaces available downtown.  They can use less gas and generate less pollution.  And, they have easy access to the Indianapolis City Market, farmers’ markets and winter markets which offer fresh, locally grown foods.

They have access to more than 350 acres of green and public open spaces like the 250-acre White River State Park, Central Canal,  Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick, and an 8-mile urban bike and pedestrian path.

Downtown living is all about having fun in a safe, vibrant, friendly, convenient and walkable neighborhood and we’re excited to be a part of the neighborhood.  Visit our newest store in Lockerbie Marketplace at 350 E. New York Street.  We still have grand opening specials going on and we’d love to see you.  Click here for our hours of operation OR, sign up for our free pick-up and delivery service to your downtown home or office.

– S.O.