Those early months are such a joy with a new baby around.  Everything is so new, fresh and soft.  The clothes are tiny, the stuffed animals are cozy and the blankets are plush.

As the baby grows, he or she will outgrow the clothes, animals and the blankets.  But, if you’re like most of us Parents around here, you’re going to box up and save a few favorite items that remind you of the early years.  Whether you intend to use those items for the next child (or grandchild); pass them on when the baby has a child of his or her own; or to keep for memory sake, they’ll be in storage for a little while.

Customers have come to us with items they’ve kept – items that hold a lot of memories and meaning for them – that have deteriorated while in storage.  They were certain the items were clean when they were stored them, but over the years, the items had discolored, stained, and lost their luster.

Our heirloom restoration service can remove yellowing and other spots caused by oxidization of hidden stains on your precious items.  We have over 30 years of experience making your most valued heirlooms like new again.

Here’s more information about our heirloom restoration services.  Contact us today to you’d like to bring your item in and speak with an expert.