One of Classic Cleaners specialties is restoring family heirlooms. We can bring items back to their original color after years of neglect.

Our most recent success story involves a Baptismal Gown that has been passed down through generations and has traveled to many states to allow family members to wear during this Holy Sacrament.

This fragile, “paper thin” fabric was discolored from years of storage. As told to our amazing spot cleaner and restoration expert, Theresa Golish, it had never been cleaned professionally. Theresa had to clean and treat multiple times by hand over the course of a month with tremendous care as fabric weakens in water.

Below is the letter written to us and various pictures of this special gown. Well done Theresa! Your passion and the time you devote to make a difference in our Customer’s lives through restoring memorable items such as this is commendable! You can follow Theresa on Instagram to see more of her success stories!