Maybe you are saying to yourself, “I know how to tie a tie.  I don’t need to read this blog post”.  But, wait.  Have you ever seen a gentleman that not only dresses well but his tie always looks absolutely perfect?

It may be because he knows that the way he ties his necktie each day depends on the fabric of the tie, the thickness of the tie, the type of collar on his shirt and the width & length of his neck.

He may also have some insight on how to match his tie not only to his outfit, but his personality.  He knows how to calculate tie length and how to accessorize his tie as well as get rid of wrinkles and stains on his necktie.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “Okay, I’m intrigued, I’ll keep reading”.  Rather than summarize the amazing website & blog we found about anything “TIE” related  (yes, a website devoted to neckties), we’ll share it with you.

We found this site,, informative and resourceful and we think you’ll enjoy it along with one of its videos on how to tie one of the most popular necktie knot styles, The Windsor Knot.

After you perfect your necktie knotting skills wear your ties with renewed confidence and maintain your entire wardrobe by allowing us to de-wrinkle & clean your items at any of our locations.


– S.O.