A Dry Cleaner’s services aren’t limited to items that state “Dry Clean Only”. Classic Cleaners, specifically, provides much more to make my life easier. As a working mom, wife, volunteer, socialize-r, and enjoy-er of doing fun things that don’t include cleaning, I rely on Classic Cleaners to help me free up time.

I just have to stop, drop, and relax and let Classic Cleaners take care of whatever I don’t want to clean, don’t have the time to clean, or can’t clean.

Here are some examples:

Laundry.  Yes, every day laundry.  They will wash anything for me.  Our dryer went kaput in the dead of winter last year.  There was no chance to hang items to dry in the sunlight outside and I didn’t have the capacity to hang dry all that we needed washing for that week.  Classic Cleaners took it all via their Family Wash Service.  Jeans, T-shirts, undergarments, socks, sheets, sports uniforms – you name it – they laundered for me.  It was so free-ing and refreshing.  And, now I’m a little spoiled.

Comforter, blanket, sheets and duvet cleaning.  The last time I tried to wash and dry a comforter, I ruined it.  I have a relatively newer front loading washer and dryer but my large comforter didn’t move and fluff around in the dryer like I thought it would.  Instead, it sat in the same position and the heating element fried just one part of my comforter.  After the drying cycle, half of the comforter was still wet and the other half was burnt.  A couple of years ago, I invested in a beautiful bedding set and no way was I going to try and launder this comforter myself.  Now, I leave it up to Classic Cleaners.  They do a beautiful job and I’m protecting my investment.

Leather handbags.  Once I find a purse I like, I carry the heck out of that purse.  It goes with every outfit and I take it everywhere.  Many times it ends up on the floor of my vehicle or the movie theater where many other kid centered objects end up.  Needless to say, it takes a beating and although that’s great for making the leather softer, it doesn’t look as new and conditioned as it once did.  Recently I brought my blue leather tote bag in because the area around the front pocket where I threw my keys and phone had become dry, cracked, and run down.  I’m kicking myself for not taking a before picture but look at this after picture.  This purse is over a year old and I carried it EVERY DAY.  You would never guess.  It looks brand new.

Shoes.  Not only can Classic Cleaners clean and polish your shoes, they make repairs.  My Husband wears well made leather shoes and Classic Cleaners keeps them polished and looking like new for him.  (Men, no matter how well dressed you are, if your shoes are scuffed, dirty and disheveled, you will look unkempt.  Trust me)!

Now that I’m “older” and I dress up my person and my home more than I did years ago, I want to make sure my articles are cleaned and preserved properly.  Sweaters, sheets, draperies, area rugs, luggage, and alterations – can ALL be done with one stop here at Classic Cleaners.

Are you ready to Stop, drop (it all) and relax!?

– S.O.