More than most recreational activities, the way you dress while golfing is important. Of course you need to be able to move — you won’t have much fun if you can’t swing your club — but it’s also important to look the part. So what’s the best way to make sure you’re dressed properly for a day at the course?

Play to your audience. Different courses have different requirements and standards, and you should try to match the typical attire of the course you’re playing. Check the dress code before you come to play, or you could find yourself either turned away (it can actually happen) or spending quite a bit of money in the pro shop to meet the course’s demands. Almost every course has a specified dress code, and you can usually get a hint based on the greens fees. The more you’re paying to play, the more likely you are to find a dress code, and the more stringent it’s likely to be.

Typical “no-nos” and safe choices. Regardless of the course, there are certain things that are likely to hold true. Most courses ban denim and collarless shirts. Many courses allow khaki shorts, but the highest-end ones likely will require slacks. A polo-type shirt will do nicely, and if it’s cool out, a long-sleeved collared shirt works as well. If you’d like to jazz up the look a bit, add a sweater or sweater vest. Don’t just imitate the PGA golfers you see on television, though —some of the mock turtlenecks and loud, patterned pants worn on tour may be frowned upon at the more posh clubs.

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– S.O.