How To Repair the Hem on Your Pant Leg

Have you ever gotten completely dressed within a minute of being late to your destination only to look down and notice your pant hem is torn and part of it is hanging down?  Even if you set your clothing out the night before a big day, a loose hem can go unnoticed until you’re dressed with no time to prep a back-up ensemble for the day.

Here are some quick fixes to get you out the door and on your way.

  • Safety pins, placed inside the garment, is the best no-sew solution.  Just fold the hem under, place the pin through the fabric and catch a small piece of the hem with the pin.  The hem is held but the pin is invisible.
  • If you can’t find a safety pin, look for some tape.   Anything sticky should do the job temporarily. Scotch tape, masking tape, electrical tape or even a band-aid if that’s all you have.  If your hem loosens while you’re at work, look around for clear tape, packing tape or duct tape.  Taping the fabric to itself on the inside of your pant leg will hold for a short time.
  • Paper clips could aid in clipping the hem if the hem is intact.  In the middle of the loosened hem, attache a paper clip with the fold of the bottom of the pant leg deep in the curve of the paper clip.
  • White glue from the bottle or a glue stick will work as long as you don’t use too much. It will wash out later. You’ll have to pause to hold the fabric in place while it dries but it may be quicker than picking out an entirely new outfit.
  • Your last resort would be to staple the pant leg.  This is not our favorite option and beware, staples can damage the fabric. For less visibility, keep the staple on the side, rather than on the crease, and staple on the inside near your ankle.

If the above hasn’t happened to you yet, you have time to invest in a few items to keep on hand at home, in your car or at your desk at work.  We recommend the following items for a temporary hem fix:

  • Fabric Glue can be found in fabric and craft stores.  Just fold the hem under and glue it together.
  • Double sided tape can be cut to size and used for a variety of things.  Simply place a length of tape around the inside of the hem and fold the hem up to seal.
  • Velcro dots won’t last forever but they can be found just about everywhere and are easy to keep in your purse, glove box or desk drawer.  Stick them to the inside of your hem to hold until you are able to permanently repair the hem.
  • Iron on tape can be used if you have a bit more time.  It’s still a quick fix but you’ll need to heat up your iron and take off your pants to hem the repair.  The hem tape melts and fuses the fabric together.  Iron on tape can be found at fabric stores and may hold after a washing or two.  It’s recommended that it not be your permanent solution but it will rescue you in a pinch.

For a permanent hem repair, you can count on the Classic Cleaners team to quickly take care of that for you.  Bring the item into one of our locations and we will gladly repair the hem.  Or, if you are one of our Free Delivery customers, leave a note with your driver and the pants will be repaired and returned to you the following week*.

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– S.O.