There are many levels to being Eco-Friendly and every little bit helps.  If you’re currently recycling and re-using (such as shopping re-sale or consignment stores), that’s a great way to get started.  Buying local at Farmers Markets (there’s even one in winter at the downtown farmers market) is also a way to be eco friendly.  But if you really want to take it to the next step, take a peek at these 5 Websites (we found them in the November 2013 issue of InStyle Magazine) for an eco-friendly wardrobe.

Ethica:  This site has easy to decipher categories like “Made in the USA”, “Vegan”, and “Trade Not Made”.

Modavanti:  More than 50 conscientios, fashion-forward, and wallet friendly brands include in their description virtues such as “made of the highest quality PETA-approved vegan materials” or “made by fair-trade artisans in India.

Reformation:  This NYC store buys reams of vintage and surplus fabrics to repurpose into modern clothing pieces such as skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and cropped jackets.

We See Beauty:  Competitively priced beauty products can be purchased here and 33% of the SALE price (not the profit) is donated to help fund women-run cooperatives nationwide.

Zady:  Independent designers have ensured that each piece they source on this site is ethically, locally and sustainably manufactured.

Have you discovered a great online eco-friendly shopping site that we don’t know about yet?

Please share in the comments.

– S.O.