We feel autumn is one of the most scenically beautiful seasons of the year, until… the end of the season. It’s not as scenic (or enjoyable) once the leaves and rain start to fall and we navigate around puddles and mud. It’s easy for family members (especially children and pets) to track the outdoor ick into your home – via their foot-soles – bringing dirt and mud across the threshold.

To keep your rugs looking like new, spot treat the dirt and mud marks immediately with the following method.

  1. Apply a small spot of mild liquid detergent to mud/dirt spot.
  2. Blot stain with a dry, white cloth.
  3. Flood area with white vinegar.
  4. Blot again with cloth.
  5. Repeat step #1.
  6. Repeat step #2.
  7. Flood area with water.
  8. Blot one last time.

To kick off the upcoming indoor season of winter with a clean start, consider having your carpets and area rugs professionally cleaned.  We recommend having them cleaned every 1-2 years depending on traffic and pets.

We’re happy to pick up your rug and deliver it clean for free with our FREE pick up and delivery service to your home or office.  Sign up to get started.  Here’s what we removed from an 8×10 rug that didn’t LOOK dirty.

Have you ever had  your area rugs professionally cleaned?  If so, how often do you clean them?

– S.O.