We know it’s totally worth it when you get there but packing for a summer vacation can be a bit stressful.  Especially if you are flying and trying to minimize the amount of luggage you take with you.

Here’s a few effortless packing tips we hope will reduce stress so you can focus on your relaxing agenda.

Plan your activities. Before you pull anything out of your closet, consider the number of days you will be traveling, and the types of clothes and shoes you might need. For example, if you’re going to a resort, you might need both casual outfits for adventures during the day and dressier options for dinner at night.

Decide on a color palette. The easiest way to minimize the number of bags and shoes you’ll want to bring is to restrict your color palette. Make sure all the pieces that you pack will coordinate with the same bags and shoes. Want to make it even easier? Choose nude or gold shoes, which can complement any color, and a neutral bag.

Make a detailed list. To minimize baggage weight, try to maximize the amount of use you’ll get out of each item you pack. That means planning to wear a short, skirt, or pant with multiple tops, or repeat a dress layered with a different scarf or cardigan. For bulkier pieces, like shoes, only pack the styles you can wear with several different looks.

Use your tote as an airplane carry on. The last thing you want to do is consume precious suitcase space with your beach tote. Instead, bring it on board as your “small, personal item.”  Throw in a bathing suit, change of clothes and essentials in case you have to wait for your luggage once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Invest in a smart luggage organizer. The right organizational tools take the stress out of packing and unpacking. We love these individual packing bags that allow you to roll and compartmentalize your belongings. Not only will solutions like this one make it easy to pack and unpack, it also makes it easier to find your clothes while you travel.

Pinterest is a great resource for summer travel wardrobe and packing ideas.  Check out our board for our favorite travel and packing pins.