If you work and/or have school age kids, you’re navigating through busy, action packed, activity filled days. You may have the best intentions but we know it’s hard to make the extra effort to conserve the environment with today’s hectic schedules.

Here’s a few family friendly strategies to help you reduce your overall environmental impact without adding one more thing to your “to do” list.

  • Use washable containers v. plastic baggies.  Packing lunch for the kids, it’s easy to reach for the plastic baggies but invest in various sized re-usable containers.  This will reduce plastic that ends up in landfills, plus reduces cost for you since you won’t have to keep buying baggies.
  • Bring washable bowls and utensils to work.  Bring a set from home and keep them at work so you always have them on hand to heat and eat your leftovers.
  • Buy snacks and drinks in bulk v. the individual juice boxes and snack bags.  You can divide the contents in re–usable containers, cups and thermos’s to minimize waste.
  • Reuse larger bottles and glass jars before you recycle.  We use a large plastic container that once held cranberry juice to mix and keep kool-aid for the kids. Glass jars can be used as flower vases, to hold coins and buttons, craft items, etc.  Both plastic and paper pulb egg cartons can be used as seed starter trays.

What small steps have you taken at home to become “greener”?

– S.O.