Is your closet or garage becoming a catch all for unused items? Who’s ready to dig into that closet and garage and start cleaning house? I am!

Even if you are holding on to “old” appliances and gadgets that you feel aren’t garage sale worthy, you can recycle them and make few bucks. There are on-line and in-store programs that allow you to re-cycle your stuff so it’s put to good use and often give you payment or credit.

Here’s how to make money on*:


Old phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets and digital cameras and other devices can be sold to and  Type in info about your item and see what it’s worth.  If you want other to “bid” on your item, use  Type in your data and get a range of offers from several buy-back sites.  If you prefer to deal face to face with an individual, try Best Buy, Apple, and RadioShack.  They each have buyback or recycling programs.  Check out their websites for details.

Used Ink Cartridges

Check out to earn money on your used cartridges.  They will send you a check for between $.50 and $4.25 for certain brands.

Refrigerators & ACs

Go Green Indy offers FREE Appliance and Metal Pick-up and Recycling in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. They will haul away your old appliances at no charge and they can set an appointment with you to pick up your old appliances or metal for recycling.  All of the material they pick-up is recycled according to Indiana State guidelines and your appliances and/or metal is diverted from landfills.  Jaco Environmental has a few guidelines but when you participate in this program, they pick up and recycle your old refrigerator or freezer for free and you will receive a $30 rebate.

Washers and Dryers (and most everything)

Appliance Recycling in Indianapolis IndianaZore’s Recycling offers cash for people who wish to recycle appliances. Anything from refrigerators to furnaces can be recycled and diverted from landfills. If you have any old appliances taking up valuable space, sell it to them.  By offering free pickup services, they make it easy for you. Call 317-244-0700 for information about appliance recycling in Indianapolis, IN.


CDs, DVDs, & Books

If you want to unload old movies, music, books, video games, etc., may buy them.  Also try for fiction and non-fiction books.  If it’s a school text book published after 2010, visit  You could earn almost $20 for a popular text book.


We’ve talked extensively about consignment stores in our previous blogs but we just learned about H&M’s program.  This store will take two bags of clothing a day, in any condition, in return for two 15%-off coupons you can use toward purchases – one now, and one later.  The used clothing does NOT have to be H&M clothing.  H&M sends the items to a processing plant to sort for resale or to turn into raw materials to make new products.  (Now I know where to take my kids’ stained and/or torn clothing)!!  🙂

Online, (mentioned above in electronics) will buy back garments that are less than five years old from hundreds of well-known brands.  They’ll give you a free prepaid shipping label to send your stuff to them.

Do you know of any other places we can take our “old, used, unwanted” stuff that aren’t mentioned here?  Please share!

– S.O.