Cashmere is my favorite thing to wear in winter. It’s thin but warm so it doesn’t feel bulky under a coat. No to mention it’s so so soft.

But cashmere is not just a winter type fabric. There are featherweight cashmere T-shirts, tank tops, and scarves. Perfect layering pieces for spring. Especially the spring we’re having here in the Midwest this year!

“Summer cashmere” or “lightweight cashmere” can be found at high end fashion boutiques but you can also find them at mid point stores such as J. Crew, Club Monaco and Michael Kors.

When shopping for cashmere, don’t worry so much about whether it says it’s “two ply” or “single ply”. Instead, look at the color and structure of the garment. The best cashmere feels super soft and sturdy and the colors are more saturated. The fabric is generally durable and less prone to pilling.

If you purchase a summer cashmere item and you want it to maintain for seasons to come, it may be wise to invest in a basic, classic piece that’s more “high-end”. The less expensive items, specifically under $100, tend to wear down and pill after a few wearings making them a one-season item. Summer cashmere gets sweatier and deodorant stains may linger on delicate cashmere. It’s super important you clean summer cashmere after each wear so that the clear stains (like deodorant & sweat) don’t wear down the fabric.

You could always check out online discount stores like, and Ebay for fine summer cashmere at a reduced cost. Be sure to read the reviews – they are extremely helpful when determining if an item will stand the test of time.

Have you ever worn cashmere in summer? What is your favorite piece?

– S.O.