It’s cold today and it has me reaching for wool! Wool items are great this time of year and we clean a lot of it during the winter months.
Why is wool so great?

In addition to wool being warm, it’s extremely durable. The fibers stretch rather then break and they spring back when the pressure is released so it wears well and maintains it’s shape. Wool is also absorbent and wicks moisture away from the body so it’s perfect to keep you comfortable outside in the chilly air and inside in the warm comforts of your home or office.

Some “wool” garments are made with synthetic substitutions and can be scratchy but real wool is comfy and insulating. Even if it gets wet, like from a light rain, the water will stay on the surface and run off the fabric. In addition, wool is resistant to stains and does not wrinkle easily. So if you are traveling this season, it’s a perfect material to pack and wear without the need to iron.

Wool is also resistant to odors! When sweat remains on the skin, bacteria will develop and create an odor. Since wool wicks sweat away so it can evaporate into the air, bacteria (and stink) doesn’t have a chance to generate.

Lastly, wool is Flame Retardant. Wool will not melt into the skin like many fabrics. When exposed to flame, it chars or smolders. It’s self-extinguishing. When the flame is removed, burning stops. It will not support combustion. This is why many baby blankets are made with wool and why wool blankets are recommended for use in extinguishing small fires.

Wool is an investment piece and therefore should be treated with care when cleaning and storing. We’d like to protect your investment and give them a professional cleaning often to keep them looking like new. You can protect them by storing correctly. Here’s how.

What’s your favorite wool item or accessory?

– S.O.