After months of shopping and obtaining “stuff” for myself and others this past Holiday Season, I’m now focused on purging. The pace has slowed a little as we break between winter and spring sports and it gives me time to dig into our closets to assess what is no longer being worn. It’s a GREAT feeling to purge – I highly recommend it.

Here’s how I decide what items to purge when cleaning out my closet:

1. If I didn’t wear something last Spring, I’m probably not going to wear it this Spring. It’s best to pull it out now while it’s still “current” or “trendy” and take it to my favorite consignment store for re-sell. This is about the time of year consignment stores start taking Spring items. (If you’ve never shopped consignment, check out my tips on How to Shop Consignment from years ago).

2. If I wouldn’t pack the item to go on a trip, it’s not one of my favorite items and it might be time to let it go. It could be the fit that doesn’t make it a favorite. It could be the color I don’t favor. Maybe it doesn’t go with anything in my closet right now and I don’t love it enough to buy something to go with it. Maybe it was an impulse buy that was trendy but not my style. For some reason, I’m not choosing the garment as a favorite so it might be time to say goodbye and let someone else enjoy it.

3. If I have too many of a similar item, I purge the items that often go overlooked on a regular basis. For example, black pants or skinny jeans; grey sweaters (my go-to winter sweater color) or a white dress shirt. There’s no reason to have multiples of something so similar if I keep reaching for the same “favorite” pair.

4. If I touch something and it doesn’t give me a great feeling and “spark joy”, I’m not going to wear it so it’s time to pass it on. This borrows from the KonMari Method. If you go quickly and you’re honest with yourself, it works!

5. If I wouldn’t want to pack it if I was moving. I love this method. I’ve moved enough to know how annoying it is to pack and unpack things you don’t want or need. If you were moving, and could only take items you really needed and wanted, would you want to pack and unpack some of the pieces in your closet. Be honest!

6. If it’s not comfortable, I’m not going to wear it. I have a pretty sweater with a great fit but it itches and every time I put it on it makes me uncomfortable. It’s time to let it go.

Bonus tip: Although I’m not bringing new items into the home right now, what I’ve done in the past after purchasing new items is I get rid of one item for every new item I’ve bought. There must be an empty hanger for the new item (no, I don’t buy new hangers) so in order to hang up the new item, I have to get rid of something.

There are items in my closet that I feel joy when I touch them, they’re still “current” or “classic” and they are my favorite, they just need repaired. Such as a loose hem, a torn seam at the shoulder, a broken zipper, a sagging waistband, etc. In these cases, I’ve brought them in for Alterations and Repairs. Our on-site tailors to a wonderful job making garments like new again. There’s even a private fitting room at our Knue Road Location if you need a consultation.

Do you have items you’d wear more if they fit better or were repaired? Contact our tailors today at 317-845-5244!

– S.O.