In this day and age, we know Sunday is not necessarily a day of rest as it once was. With busy weekdays and even busier Saturdays, Sundays are now also a day to shop and pick up items on the “to do” list. One of those items might be your dry-cleaning.

Just as you are swamped during the week, so are our employees. We choose not be open on Sundays so our employees have that day with their family, to enjoy their free time, and/or to accomplish all of their “to dos”but we know it’s important for a business to be accessible to meet customers needs.

With our 24 Hour Locker service at many of our stores, we strive to accomplish our goal to provide for our customers on their timeline but also provide a desirable place to work for our employees. With the 24-Hour Locker service, customers may access their cleaned and pressed items at a time convenient for them.

Here’s how it works:

*    Request that your items be placed in a locker every time your order is ready.
*    Payment is automatically applied using a credit card on our secure, encrypted file.
*    You provide a pin number of your choice to access the locker when picking up items.
*    You will receive an email notifying you the order is ready.
*    Locate the list in the locker area with your last name next to the locker number
*    Enter your pin number and retrieve your belongings.
*    Use the 24 Hour drop shoot to drop off items you’d like us to clean.

Currently, 14 of our 17 stores have the lockers and they are listed here.  We also offer 24 hour Kiosks at three of our locations:  Downtown at 350 E. New York Street, Carmel at 1438 W. Main Street, Suite 105, and  Geist at 116th & Olio Rd.

We appreciate your business!

– S.O.