Three years ago, Classic Cleaners started offering our Shoe Polish and Repair service and it’s been a valued service ever since.  It’s easy to bring them in the store or leave them for your route driver in the same bags used for your laundry and dry cleaning.  Turn time is just 2 days for a shoe clean and polish, typically one day longer than our dry cleaning turn times.

We clean and polish your shoes by hand. Brian Buttrum personally touches every pair and works on them using a wide range of tools specific to your shoes material and the work needed to bring them back to life and looking like new.

Brian has been a member of the Classic Cleaners team 11 years. He knows a lot about what it takes for Classic Cleaners to service their customers effectively as he’s held various positions with the company over the years.

Brian and our Managing Partner, Steve Arnold, met years ago while both participated civil war reenactment (more on that here).  A group of peers planned to go see the movie “The Alamo” and Brian couldn’t attend because of the long hours he was required to work at his sales job.  Steve recruited him to join the team at Classic Cleaners and over the next 11 years, Brian wore many hats.

Starting out as a “floater” helping any and everywhere, Brian watched and learned and picked up on things.  Soon, Brian was filling in for Managers while they took vacation time and eventually he managed one of our Fishers locations on 126th street and our Geist location on Fox Road.

In addition to store management over the years, Brian ran our route service for two years, spent a couple of years running our plant, and he trained new employees on our point of sale system.

With a minor in computer science to his degree in physical eduction from Ball State, Brian is the perfect individual to help all of us troubleshoot any computer problems we may have at our stores and in the corporate offices.  He’s the first point of contact on anything computer related, especially when it comes to coupon codes, pricing reports and tech support.

Three years ago in June when Classic Cleaners added the shoe clean and  polish, Brian was the point of contact for the 3rd party we contracted to provide that service.  After less than a year, Brian was the logical choice to run that division when Classic Cleaners chose to bring that service in house two years ago.  He cleans and polishes every pair of shoes by hand and with the help of a buffer.

Born in “Avon”, before it was officially called Avon in a neighborhood aside farmland that is now Avon High School, Brian was a swimmer and played soccer.  Married 7 years to his wife Glenda, who also works at Classic Cleaners in  households, he enjoys spending time as a family with her and their 5 year old daughter.

On the weekends they like to go to the park, on local sight seeing trips and fishing.  His daughter comes first and he mentions he “hasn’t seen a movie in the theater that isn’t a kids movie” in – he doesn’t know how long.  We’re sure there are many parents that can relate to that statement.

Contact us or Brian at for any questions regarding our shoe clean, polish and repair service.