If you or someone you know is planning to interview for a new position, carefully consider the color choice of the interviewing outfit.  We’ve found from a recent article in Fast Company that a brown “power suit” may make you look passive and you should never wear orange.  Here’s what your color choices may be saying about you in an interview before you’ve had a chance to utter one word.

♦   NAVY:  This color sends a message of being enterprising, trustworthy, honest and credible.  It’s a great choice for industries like law or finance.  For a creative environment, however, it could be considered too conservative.  If you’re interviewing for a creative position, consider wearing…

♦   PURPLE or YELLOW:  These colors send a message that you are unique.  Purple sends the message of being artistic and unique.  Yellow signifies optimism and creativity.

♦   GREEN is a color often associated with a sense of calm and well being, as well as wealth and prosperity.  This color may put your interviewer at ease.

♦   WHITE is a reassuring color that can convey a feeling of new beginnings, impartiality and cleanliness.  You’ll appear that you have attention to detail in this color choice.

♦   BLACK is a great choice if you are interviewing for a management job.  It’s a strong color and is the highest on the authority scale and…

♦   GRAY sends a message of being rock solid, wise and reliable.  It’s a great choice for any industry.

♦   RED is a bit much.  It may send a message that you are domineering, rebellious and obstinate.

♦   Stay away from BROWN.  It says that you are simple and slow to change.

♦   And, according to a CareerBuilder list, ORANGE is considered to be unprofessional.  We don’t know why but 25% of the employers stated this was the worst color.  Better safe than sorry!

What is your go-to color choice for an interview?  Do you think color matters?

– S.O.