It’s been over a decade since I married my Husband but I remember it adding up to much more than I thought it would once all was said and done.  It’s was a good thing we gave ourselves a year to plan so we could divvy up the cost among many months.

I won’t reveal what we spent, but it was much less than $30,000, which is what approximately 1 in 5 brides are spending on their wedding today.  The percentage of brides spending MORE than $40,000 is 12%!

Based on national data samples of 17,500 respondents, here are the latest results and wedding industry statistics of the AVERAGE answers from The Knot and

Overall Wedding (excluding honeymoon) was $28,427.

♥    Average cost of the reception hall: $12,905
♥    Catering price per person:  $63.  The average guest list had 141 guests so that’s a total cost of $8,883!
♥    Engagement Ring:  $5,431
♥    Reception Band:  $3,084
♥    Photographer:  $2,379
♥    Florist:  $1,997
♥    Wedding Planner:  $1,847
♥    Ceremony Site:  $1,711
♥    Videographer:  $1,619
♥    Wedding Dress:  $1,211
♥    Rehearsal Dinner:  $1,135
♥    Reception DJ:  $988
♥    Limousine:  $708
♥    Wedding Cake:  $560
♥    Ceremony Musicians:  $554
♥    Invitations:  $453
♥    Wedding Favors:  $289
♥    Groom’s Tux:  $230

Wonder what cities spend the most on their weddings on average?  Couples in Manhattan spent the most, with an average wedding budget of $76,687.  Chicago ($49,810), northern and central New Jersey ($48,496), Santa Barbara and Ventura, Calif. ($42,319) and Boston ($39,239) follow.  The states of Alaska and Utah had a smaller average budget, in comparison of $15,504 and $13,214, respectively.

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– S.O.