I’m still in a “back to school” bubble and my head is spinning with to-do lists.  I’m looking for as many shortcuts as possible.  I finally saw the benefit to having my groceries delivered.  It’s awesome.  I go online and pick out what I want and they delivery it for under $10.  You might think, I’m not paying money to have my groceries delivered when the store is up the street and I pass it on the way home every day.

BUT – how much time does it take you to park, walk in, select your items, stand in line, load your car, and drive home?  If the store isn’t on the way to your final destination you’re using additional gas and even more time from your already busy day.  And, once you’re in the store, how many impulse items do you pick up that you didn’t plan to buy but it’s “on sale” or you’re hungry and it looks tasty?

The other day it was 7pm and I had just finished homework with the kids.  I did not have the energy to go to the store at all.  I knew by the time I got there and back and put the groceries away, it’d be close to 9pm.  UHG!  I hopped online (in my PJs) with my grocery list and I selected only the items we needed.  I was done in 20 minutes and they were delivered the next day.  Awesome!

So, what does this have to do with dry cleaning?  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Time is Money”?  These days we’re all trying to do so much with the little time we have.  If we’re not calculated and organized about how we spend our time, it can end up costing us more time and more dollars in the end.

If you’re always racing against the clock – like I feel I am – try our free pick-up and delivery service to your home or office.  We DON’T charge a delivery fee.  It really IS FREE.  We’re already in your neighborhood twice a week.

No more rushing to get to the store before closing time.  No more detouring on the way home to pick up the one shirt you really need for your next trip.  No more lugging kids out the door because you have an errand to run.  Doesn’t that sound nice?!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. You place your items in front of your home in our furnished bags.
  2. You relax while we pick up, clean and press your items with our new state of the art eco-friendly cleaning method.
  3. We bring your items back to your doorstep clean and crisp.

This easy process is the same for dry cleaning or wash, dry, fold and whether we come to your home or work place.  Let us spend our time planning, organizing and driving while you spend your time on something else (and count all those dollars you’re saving)!  We mentioned it’s a FREE service, right?  No hidden fees, no upcharge on your dry cleaning!  It really is FREE!!

– S.O.