In 2012 Classic Cleaners converted all cleaning machines and cleaning fluid to the Kruessler’s SYSTEM K4 and SOLVONK4. The cleaning performance of this product made our clothes whiter and brighter with no odor and no irritation. SOLVONK4 is composed of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen and does an excellent job cleaning.

Kruessler’s determination to improve has resulted in their Bio-Based STSTEMK4 solvent. SOLVONK4 is available to us and made with carbon grown in corn, right here in the US.

Thanks to the work of Green Biologics and the facility in Minnesota, Kruessler is now making dry cleaning solvent from corn grown by about 500 family-owned farms in the heartland of America. Bio-derived and sustainable are words never before applied to the dry-cleaning industry until now. Changing the source of the carbon has no negative effect on the solvent or its cleaning performance, only adding to it an even purer version DBM (Dibutoxymethane) with all the additional benefits of a solvent made in part from corn.

Our partnership with Kruessler as our dry cleaning fluid provider is what separates us from our competitors. We are thrilled to have this safe, non-toxic, odorless, and locally produced product to offer our community via our dry cleaning and laundry service!

– S.O.