We clean a variety of items from your shoes to your hats and from your area rugs to drapes.  But as you would assume, we launder thousands of dress shirts each week.  We’ve been told by a substantial number of customers that they started using Classic Cleaners because their previous cleaner didn’t have an attention to detail when laundering their dress shirts.

One of the ways we give your laundered shirts special attention is by replacing your shirt buttons should we notice one missing, cracked or broken.  This happens behind the scenes – sometimes without our customers noticing a damaged or missing button.  It’s automatically part of our service.  The shirt is returned looking like new with all buttons in tact.

Shirt Button Guarantee

We guarantee there will be no broken or missing buttons on the laundered dress shirts you receive back from us.  If a newly cleaned and pressed dress shirt is returned to you from our store or route driver, and a button is missing or cracked, we will replace the button AND we will clean three additional shirts for FREE.  Bring it back to us un-worn and on the hanger and all four shirt cleanings are on the house.

If your shirts aren’t receiving the VIP treatment elsewhere, bring them to us here and let us give them the time and attention they deserve.  If you are allowing us to clean your shirts – Thank You!  If you ever have a question, concern or comment, contact us any time!

We appreciate your business!

– S.O.