If you have guests visiting and staying with you this Holiday Season, here are some easy ways to pamper them and make them feel welcome when they arrive.

  1. Start with great bedding:  Neutral colors, an extra soft blanket, and professionally pressed sheets will make the room on par with a luxury hotel.
  2. Arrange a small flower arrangement on the bedside table or bureau to give the room a pop of color and pleasant scent.
  3. Have a few bottles of cold water or a small water pitcher & drinking glasses waiting for them in the room.
  4. Provide fluffy towels and a white robe
  5. Place a pretty, decorative bowl or saucer with candies or chocolates on the dresser or nightstand.  Or, fruit such as apples and bananas.
  6. Supply bathroom amenities such as moisturizing soaps, a shaving kit, travel sewing kit, etc.
  7. Provide a good Television
  8. Add a conveniently placed power strip or a docking station for your guests’ electronics
  9. Place a three way bulb in the bedside lamps so your guest can control the level of lighting from morning to bedtime.
  10. Provide a pretty note card with the wireless internet code
  11. Stack a few books on the nightstand and/or place some magazines in a basket that you believe your guests may be interested in reading.

And, if you have extra time and funds, consider having the following items in your guest room:

  1. A cozy sitting area where your guest can relax, read, listen to music or watch TV.
  2. A substantial sized mirror, waist high or floor length, for your guests’ convenience when dressing.
  3. Consider installing black out shades for guests that like it dark and to keep the room cool in the warmer months.

What things do you do or provide for your guests to make them feel welcome in your home?  Do you have any ideas to add to our list?

– S.O.