Are your pants dragging the floor; does the rear sag; is your belt cinching the waistband so tight you resemble Ed Grimley?  What about that jacket?  Do you look like you’re playing dress up in your Mom or Dad’s “grown up” clothes?

Okay, that’s a little dramatic but the number one reason we think you should tailor your clothing is because you are an Adult.  The days of not caring what you look like are long gone along with that old couch you slept on in college.  Today, you care more about your image and may be investing more in your clothing.  If your clothing is ill-fitting, you’re not going to appear as polished and professional as you desire, no matter what you spent (or what the label says).

Classic Cleaners is the business of helping you and your image so granted, we may notice things a little more than the average person.  And, we know the way you carry yourself, no matter what you’re wearing, will make more of an impact than the clothing on your body.  However one can’t deny the impact well fitting clothing has on one’s appearance and confidence as well as one’s image.  Your clothing largely impacts how you present yourself to the world and the message you send about how much you care about your image.

A simple tweak of the hem, seam, and/or waistband will solve above mentioned issues and regardless of how much you spent on the items, they will fit properly and allow you to present yourself even more amazingly!

Find a quality tailor you trust.  Make sure you take to your fitting items you usually wear such as shoes, blouses, even under garments, to wear during your fitting.  You’ll be surprised how little small adjustments cost to get a big return on the investment.

Our Tailor, Ohi Suhre, is at our Knue Road location and she’d be happy to help you.  She’ll even keep your measurements on file for future needs.

– S.O.