Have you made your Resolutions list for 2019?

Since the average time we spend on our mobile phones a day is almost 4 hours, here’s a list of the most popular apps that can help you stay on track and reach your goals.
Resolution #1: Exercise More and Lose Weight

Nike + Run Club adapts its recommended training curriculum to better suit your progress. Integrated with social apps like Facebook, and available for Apple Watch.

My Fitness Pal helps you keep track of your calories and lets you scan items you are about to buy at the supermarket to get additional nutritional information. The app is compatible with most of the top fitness apps.
Resolution #2: Eat Healthier

Foodprint by Nutrino personalizes the foods you need to eat to become healthier by suggesting what foods to eat based on your personal preferences, or dietary restrictions. It will even show you a list of the restaurants nearby that serve whatever kind of food you want to eat.
Resolution #3: Spend Less

Mint keeps banking, credit card information, and bill payment in one place.
Resolution #4: Quit Smoking

QuitNow! is a motivational app that shows you how long it’s been since you smoked your last, how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked, how your health has improved, and how much money you’ve saved.
Resolution #5: Improved Mental Health & Better Sleep

Headspace takes you through the basics of meditation and tracks your progress.

Noisli provides high-quality ambient sounds such as rain, wind, a forest with birds, and many others to help insomnia, soothe a migraine, or help you concentrate while studying or reading.

Have you tried any of these apps yet? I have used Headspace and Noisli this past year and I highly recommend them for relaxing!
Which ones will you incorporate into your 2019 goals? Are there any others that you like to use?

Happy New Year from all of us at Classic Cleaners.

– S.O.