Have you ever heard the phrase, “Time is Money”?  These days we’re all trying to do so much with the little time we have.  If we’re not calculated and organized about how we spend our time, it can end up costing us more time and even a few dollars in the end.

If any of the following situations have happened to you, you are spending too much time and money on your dry cleaning.

  1. Although we have 20 conveniently located stores, on occasion you’ve had to alter your route to swing by the dry cleaner to either drop off or pick up items.  It would have saved time and gas money if you could have gotten to your destination without the “detour”.
  2. You’ve had “dry cleaning” on your “to-do” list but you got distracted and forgot to stop by the store or, you left the items hanging by the door inside the house.  Now you’ve got to make another (isolated) trip to the dry cleaner later that day or the next day?
  3. You’ve been packing for a trip (last minute at 11pm, of course) and you realize your favorite item you need is still at the dry cleaner.  There’s no time to pick it up in the morning so you’ll have to go shopping as soon as you arrive at your out of town destination.
  4. You’ve been trying to get to the dry cleaner but each time you remember to go, it’s nap time, dinner time, you’re late for work, you need to get kids to soccer practice, you need to get groceries, etc., etc., etc.?

Classic Cleaners can help you free up Time and Money with our FREE pick up and delivery service.  Don’t let any of the above scenarios happen to you ever again.  Here’s how easy we’ll make it for you to participate in our FREE pick up and delivery service.

  1. You place your items in front of your home in our furnished bags.
  2. You relax while we pick up, clean and press your items with our new state of the art eco-friendly cleaning method.
  3. We bring your items back to your doorstep clean and crisp.

This easy process is the same for dry cleaning or wash dry fold and whether we come to your home or work place.  Let us spend our time planning, organizing and driving while you spend your time on something else (and count all those dollars you’re saving)!  We mentioned it’s a FREE service, right?  No hidden fees, no upcharge on your dry cleaning!  It really is FREE!!

Sign up here.

– S.O.