When our customers bring their garments into the store, we encourage them to point out each stain that needs attention to our customer service representatives. It helps if our customer can tell us what the stain is, if they know. ie. salad dressing, wine, makeup, pasta sauce, etc.). Our CSRs then place a small piece of red tape by each stain.

At our plant we have 3 stain removing specialists that by hand, with an array of tools, remove the stains one by one. The tape is removed and thrown away. Except if you’re Classic Cleaners stain removing specialist of over four years, Shirley Perkins.

In January 2016 Shirley had a fun idea to collect ALL the red tape she removes from clothing prior to removing stains and start a tape ball. She knew she must of been throwing a lot of tiny pieces of tape away each day and thought it’d be interesting to visually measure her efforts at the end of the year.

At the end of the year, 2017, Shirley had a substantial big red ball of tape that weighed 10 pounds!

Now, she’s started one for 2018!

Thanks, Shirley! What a great idea! We can’t wait to see how this new red tape ball grows.

Wanna add to Shirley’s 2018 big red ball of tape?
Keep bringing us your stained items!
We ARE the experts and we’ll make your items look new again.

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ps. Shirley has ensured us the tape ball will be recycled 🙂

– S.O.