Hardwood floors are a desirable and extremely common floor choice for homes because of their durability and ease to keep clean.  However, area rugs add color, warmth and set the space.  As the centerpiece of any room, especially the living room, your area rug gets a lot of traffic.  Your rug will last much longer if you take care of it and clean it regularly.

Follow our ABCs of area rugs:


A non-slip rug pad or gripper tape will hold the rug down and keep it firmly in place.  When a rug slips and slides on a hard surface, it can lead to additional wear and sometimes rips.  Be sure to choose the right type of material for your floor to avoid discoloring the floor underneath.


Blot liquid spills with a dry, white absorbent cloth or plain white paper towels (no prints or colors). Using a printed or colored material may transfer ink or dye to your damp carpet. Continue until the area is barely damp. Semisolids, like food spills, may need to be scooped up with a spoon. Solid, dried bits can be vacuumed up.  Do not scrub or use a brush. Bristles and scrubbing can damage carpet. Fraying and texture change are the likely results.


Clean it constantly by vacuuming the top surface of the rug at least once a week.  You can even vacuum the underside of the rug and we recommend you do that quarterly – or even monthly if you have pets.  Dirt can pile up under the rug so move it from its normal area and vacuum the area where the rug sits.

For deep cleaning, bring the rugs to us.  We charge by the material and the square feet so contact us today to receive an accurate quote.  Here’s what to expect with our area rug cleaning service.