When you think about all the rooms in your home, which one gets used the most? Kitchen; Family Room; Bathroom…? The laundry room may not be a prime hang-out spot for your family, but it sure is a busy place. The average American household washes 300 loads of laundry each year. If you’re getting soaked by high utility bills, these simple laundry room cost-saving measures will help shrink your energy budget.

  1. Install High Efficiency LED Bulbs:  LEDs use less energy than standard bulbs and provide the high-quality light you need to perform any laundry room task.
  2. Keep Dryer Vent Clean:  The dryer vent is easy to forget.  Remember to check and clean it regularly to ensure safe and efficient airflow.
  3. Air Dry Laundry:  Air is free and it’s easier on your clothes than tumbling in a dryer.  The gentler treatment can help extend the life of some fabrics.
  4. Clean Dryer Lint Filter:  Take a moment to clean the lint filter before every use.  It will improve air circulation and dryer efficiency.
  5. Run Full Loads:  Wait until you have a full load to run your washer and dryer whenever possible.  For partial loads, set time and temperature to minimize energy.
  6. Wash Clothes in Cold Water (if the care label says you can):  The cold temperature setting saves on water heating costs.  For fabrics that call for you to typically wash in hot water, consider switching to the warm setting.
  7. Separate Fabrics:  Sort clothing so that they will dry more efficiently.  For example, you can use a lower temperature setting for thin synthetic fabrics than for towels.