Thanks to all the rain we’ve been having this summer the grass and dirt outside are often muddy.  My kids came home from a neighbor’s house just last night with mud up the back of their shorts and t-shirts.   I’m tempted to never let them leave the house but instead I found these fun things to do with mud from Tide’s blog.  I’m not saying I’ll participate but my kids would love permission to get even deeper into the mud.

“Become mud artists. Head outside and create castles and sculptures with your kids, using mud instead of sand or clay. Or grab some sturdy sticks and draw pictures in the mud. Ready for a new canvas? Simply smooth over the muddy surface with your hands or feet and draw again. Another option: Make whimsical mud prints on butcher paper with your hands and feet.

Become an explorer. Go to a local park or trail and search the mud for insects (or worms and snails) that emerge when the ground turns wet. Bring a magnifying glass and a measuring tape so you can study worms closely and check to see how long they are. You could even have a contest to see who can find the longest worm.

Make mud pies. Remember doing this as a kid? Here’s your chance to walk down memory lane with your young ones. Take small plastic containers outside and use them to make cakes, pies, and cookies with the mud. Find pretty stones, leaves, berries, and other treasures from nature that you can use to decorate them; display your creations in a mud-pie buffet”.

With a great detergent and some spot treating, mud can be removed in your home washing machine.
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What do you think of these muddy activities?  What muddy memories did you make as a kid?

– S.O.