This time of year has us toggling between summertime wear and winter wear the way the weather changes daily. However, we know that we’ll soon be packing and storing our summer clothing for good.

Since you never know when summer will officially be over in the Midwest, check your garments now for the following typical summertime stains and be sure they’re clean. Left untreated, these stains will ruin your garments in storage.

Keep in mind, some of these may be clear such as lemonade and alcohol.

Ice Cream and Popsicles:

Use a mild detergent and wash in as hot of water as the garment indicates it can withstand.  Chocolate can be especially hard to remove so be sure to Pre-treat.


This can be hard to see and it seldom leave much of a stain right away.  But, if left on clothing for too long, the acidic lemon juice will cause some dyes to change color and bleach.  Especially when exposed to sunlight.  Flush the area with clean water as soon as possible then wash as usual.  If the garment is non-washable, use a spot treatment technique and blot away the moisture carefully, then dry clean.

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs & Steaks:

Blot the excess grease stains and dab with water to flush out the stain.  Beef that is cooked usually produces an oily stain from the rendered fat so use a pre-treatment such as “Shout”.  Launder in the hottest water appropriate for the fabric.  Bring any dry-cleanable garments (it will say on the garment care label) to us.

French Fries:

The greasy stains from french fries should be treated like meats (see above).  Wash in hottest water possible to remove the grease.


This food’s stain has a little bit of everything, including tannin and fats.  Blot off excess stains and use a combination of dish washing liquid and water on a clean white cloth to gently rub over the pizza stain until it’s gone.   Wash the item with a mild detergent.

Alcoholic Beverages:

This also can be hard to see but it may damage silk or acetate and can change the color of your fabrics.  Blot with cold water and soak in cold water if needed.  Wash according to the garment label’s instructions.

If you’re ever in doubt as to how to get a stain out, bring them in and our stain specialists will remove the stains by hand.  Remember to point them out to us and tell us exactly what you think the stain is for the best results.

– S.O.