You’ve spent years and many dollars investing in your wardrobe.  Quality hangers will keep your garment wrinkle free and will help extend the life of your clothing.  The number one rule – No Wire Hangers!

As soon as you receive your clean clothing from us, take off the plastic bag and remove the wire hanger (you can recycle that back to us with this free caddy) to avoid the hanger marks.  Then, place your clothing on one of these type of hangers:

Lightweight wooden hangers are preferred for dress shirts.

Contoured wooden hangers with a non-slip trouser bar are perfect for suits.  This hanger will provide support to the shoulders and allow the jacket to drape properly.  The trouser bar will prevent the pants from creasing if you choose one that is at least a half inch thick and covered with a nonslip material.

Heavy, contoured wooden hangers will support the shape and weight of heavier items such as coats and jackets.

Cedar Hangers can be used instead of wooden hangers if pests such as moths, or moisture is a problem.  Cedar is a natural pest repellent and works to absorb moisture.

Thin, flat, velvet hangers are just as durable as wooden hangers and they are an affordable alternative.  They save space and the velvet material prevents clothing from slipping off the hanger.  (I have every item in my closet hung on these thin hangers and they save so much space)!

Sturdy clamp hangers for your pants if you prefer to hang them full length (and you have the space).  Attach the pants to the waist band to avoid creases.

Notched shirt hangers with a swivel hook are great for tank tops and camisoles.

Lightweight tubular hangers where the width of the hanger extends to where the shoulder meets the sleeve work great for casual shirts such as polo shirts, dress shirts, blouses and T-shirts.

Over-sized Hangers are available for plus size garments.  Most hangers measure 17-18 inches so look for hangers measuring 19″ wide to give support.

Never leave sweaters or other knitwear on hangers.  Fold them on shelves.  You can buy inexpensive closet clip on dividers like these to prevent the stacks from tipping over.

Do you have any clothes hanging in your closet on wire hangers?  If so, recycle them back to us with this handy caddy (we’ll provide) and shop any department store or wholesale store for the proper hangers – Stat!

– S.O