One of the top ten New Years resolutions for many is to “be more organized”. We at Classic Cleaners think an organized clothing closet is a good place to start. No matter the size of your clothing closets, if you’d like it to look more like this picture, we have tips to help you be organized and maximize the space.

Group Items into Categories:

  • Hang skirts and pants on one end of your closet and group dress shirts, cardigan sweaters, sleeveless tops and blazers/jackets on the other end.  This will help you locate items quickly when putting an outfit together.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, T-shirts, shorts & jeans are best folded on a shelf.  Tell your dry cleaner you’d like these items returned neatly folded.

Take Inventory:

  • Decipher which items need mended or tailored.  Classic Cleaners has an on-site seamstress at our main location.  Is it worth the effort to repair or is it just taking up space?  Be honest:  If it’s been forgotten for years simply because it needs a hem, a button, or properly sized, you don’t love that piece enough to keep it in your closet.  Have a donation bag handy and pass it on.
  • It was your favorite outfit and it still fits but is it relevant?  Chances are you are keeping some items because of the memories they allude.  Take a picture of all the articles you once loved but know you’ll never wear again.  Keep the photos but purge the items.

Purge, Purge, Purge:

  • Each season, purge the items you did not wear this same season last year.  The chances of you wearing them now, a whole year later, are slim to none.
  • Pretend you are packing for a week’s vacation in a climate similar to this season.  You need a professional outfit, a formal outfit, a casual outfit and a few pieces in between.  Most would pack their favorite items.  What items would you pack?  Use these items as your base wardrobe and purge the items that are just taking up space.
  • Look carefully at the remaining pieces.  Do they compliment you in size, color & style.  Do they fit comfortably and wash & wear well?   Do you feel confident when wearing them?  Enlist an honest friend if you find this task difficult.  He or she can help you decide what items help you put your best foot forward and which items need to go.

Ongoing Maintenance:

  • For hanging items, try this popular tactic:  After the item has been worn, hang the hanger backwards, looping the hook from the inside out.  If at the end of the season, you still have hangers looped from the front to the back, you didn’t wear the item all season, and it is time to consider passing it on.
  • For folded items, once they’ve been laundered rotate them by placing them at bottom of the stack on the shelf or in the drawer.  If rather than wearing the items closer to the top, you find yourself digging to the bottom to find your favorites, it may be time to shave off the top of the stack and purge them from your wardrobe.

The time and effort spent maintaining an organized closet will result in extended wear of your favorite items and save you money in the long run.  Maintain the integrity of your clothing by following the care instructions on the labels and take them to a professional to clean when necessary.

Classic Cleaners will return your folded items neatly and your skirts, pants and shirts ready to wear- giving you a jump start on an organized closet.

– S.O.