This happens to us all! We know because the original blog post back November 2011 is one of our most visited blog pages.

One day you go to put your favorite sweater on but it has taken a turn for the worse. The sweater looks worn beyond its years with those pesky pills all over it. But before you give up and make a trip to the local donation center, try these home remedies to revive your favorite comfy cardigan.

Gently shave the sweater surface with a disposable razor. You may have to frequently wipe off the blades, but the razor will usually catch the smallest of pills.
Use the hook side of Velcro to carefully brush over the sweater. Again, it may take some time to remove the pills from the Velcro.
Purchase an electronic pill remover. That’s right, they make those! They are sold at some drug stores and online.
For an extra fuzzy mess, make a bracelet of duct tape, sticky side facing out. Holding the bracelet, carefully press and release the tape to collect any loose fabric.
Use the sweater stone. It is a specially designed pumice stone to remove pills. Some complain of the odor, though the results tend to be favorable.

The eventual breakdown of the fibers in your sweater is inevitable, regardless of the quality. The general rule is the softer the fabric is, the more likely it is to form pills. Synthetic and man-made fabrics will pill less than natural fibers like wool will. The small balls form from the smallest breaking of the fiber, so even a hug or brushing up against your kitchen cabinet can set in motion the next bunch of sweater pills.

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