Last year’s fashion trend was color-blocking, which can be fun. But, if you’re looking to create a powerful image with your attire, consider centering an outfit around a single color.

A monochromatic color scheme can create a strong, attention-getting look.  It can also make you appear taller.  Wearing clothes consisting of the same shades and hues from one of the colors on the color wheel is a sleek trick to elongate your frame since people will not look at your body as different parts.

Monochromatic doesn’t mean you wear the same shade of a color from head to toe.  What you select are articles of clothing in various shades of a specific color, ranging from barely there tints to richly saturated tones.  Also, try incorporating different materials & textures into your outfit.

A grey based outfit may include a textured tie over a light-grey shirt or a shirt with a bit of a pattern. Worn with a darker grey suit, the greys combine to create an eye-catching visual statement.

To avoid overwhelming the eye with one color, pair your strong color with neutrals, such as beige, tan and cream, such as the handkerchief in the above picture. You could also incorporate a pop of color like in this photo.

The same technique can be used in your decor in the home. Take a look at this bedroom. Its monochromatic color scheme looks luxurious and “expensive”. It’s attention-getting and inviting.

What do you think about the monochromatic look? Give us your feedback in the comments below.

– S.O.