With the cold weather fast approaching its time bring those coats and jackets to the front of the closet.

After the initial cleaning, most coats require a minimum amount of care to ensure they remain in good condition. To help your investment last a long time, follow these tips on caring for your winter wear this season:

Regular Cleaning

  • When cleaning your coat, always consult the care label for the manufacturers instructions and follow them to a “T”. If your coat has a “dry clean only” tag, it’s best not to try to clean it at home.
  • When you notice dirt & oils on the collar or cuffs, have the coat cleaned and point these areas out to a professional. It will be more difficult to remove the longer the dirt and grime sits on the fabric.

Careful Usage

  • If you wear perfume and/or hair spray, apply them prior to putting on your coat as these products may stain the coat.
  • Wear a scarf to reduce and prevent staining on the collar from the natural oils on hair and skin as well as makeup you may have applied.
  • If your coat is light in color, avoid carrying shoulder bags that are heavy or have dyes. Heavy bags can wear the coat down and the dyes can leave visible stains.

Proper Storage

  • Hang your coats on a well padded or wooden hanger to help maintain it’s shape.
  • When coat checking your outerwear at an event or a party, turn in inside out for hanging. This way, if anything spills or rubs off on your coat, the lining will bear the brunt of the stain, not the exterior.
  • If your coat gets wet, leave it out to give it time to air out and dry naturally.

Immediate Removal of Stains

  • The number one rule (as with all your garments), is to treat all stains immediately by blotting the stain – never rub.
  • Have the item cleaned as soon as possible so the stain doesn’t set it, which makes it more difficult to remove.

If you stored your coats and jackets without cleaning them first, check the cuffs, collars, and the body for stains and be sure to point them out to us when you drop them off at any of our locations. If you are part of our Free Pick up and Delivery Service to either your home of office, simply leave a note for your route driver detailing the specific area that needs extra concentration.

We’ll clean your outerwear in our new ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning fluid so if you’ve been sensitive to dry cleaning fluids in the past, do not fear. This new fluid has received the highest rating from the dermatological community.

– S.O.