Flannel fabric is fashionable; soft and warm; durable; and a great layering piece for your wardrobe or as sheets on your bed.

But, you need to care for it properly or your flannel items will begin to look worn out, thin, and faded – like the 90’s grunge look – which is NOT fashionable. Before washing your flannel items the first time, keep in mind cotton flannel fabric products generally shrink a bit.

  1. Launder it in the lowest machine setting in cold water using very mild detergent.  Harsh detergents or those with bleach additives or whitening agents should be avoided.
  2. Avoid overloading the wash since this will increase abrasion on the fibers during agitation in the wash and eventually thin or pill the fabric.
  3. Be choosy on what you wash with your flannel items because flannel fabric leaves lints that can be deposited on other fabric.
  4. Flannel can lose its color and fade with drying in the tumbler so either dry flannel under low settings or gently squeeze the extra water out of the fabric and lay to dry – careful not to stretch the fabric so it doesn’t lose its shape.  Do not over-dry the item or it will weaken the fabric.
  5. Remove the flannel items from the dryer as soon as possible to avoid wrinkles.
  6. Flannel may be ironed but iron on the wrong side.

What’s your favorite flannel items this year?  Have you ever used flannel sheets to stay warm in the winter?

– S.O.