Whether you are headed half way around the world or just to the next town, you want your wedding gown to look fresh and unwrinkled for the ceremony. Our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ can help you pack your wedding gown for travel or press your wedding gown when you arrive at your destination.

Whether by plane, train, ship or automobile, here are some tricks to help you and your wedding gown travel safely!

Traveling by Car

We’ll hepl you protect your bridal gown with a garment bag and stuff it with a bust form plus lots of tissue to keep your bridal gown from being crushed while it is in the garment bag, so the most your bridal gown should need after your ride in the car is a Quick Fix (see below).

If you do not have a bag, stuff the bodice (the upper part of your bridal gown) with as much tissue as possible and buffer the folds of your bridal gown’s skirt with still more tissue. Use one large sheet (a fitted sheet works best) to cover the front of your wedding gown and another one to cover the back. Then pin the sheets together.

Hang your bridal gown so the bodice is facing the car door, and the bust form plus the tissue will protect the bodice from wrinkling. Lay the rest of the bridal gown on the car seat.

Traveling by Ship

The same advice applies to water travel because you can carry your wedding gown with you when you go on board, and most cruise ships offer pressing services.

Traveling by Plane

There was a time when you could carry your wedding gown on board in a garment bag and hang the bag in a storage closet. Today most airlines insist you fold the garment bag into the overhead bin, and your wedding gown is sure to wrinkle. For more protection, you could pack your gown in a large box or suitcase and check your wedding gown with your luggage. Or you could buy a plane ticket for your gown ($$$) –and there are brides who do!

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists offer the Original Destination Wedding Kit, which can go through security with you and fits into the overhead bin. The Original Destination Wedding Kit comes complete with tissue, packing instructions, and a shipping carton with a handle for easy carrying.

Packing at Home

Line the box or suitcase you are using with tissue and lay your wedding gown–front side down–over the box so that about one-third of your wedding gown is over the box, one-third is at one end of the box and the other one-third at the other end of the box. Make sure you have your wedding gown centered in the box. The part that is front side down should be spread out flat so there are no creases or folds.

Beginning with the side seams, fold the skirt lengthwise over bunched tissue until the skirt is no wider than the box. Then add more tissue and fold the bottom of the skirt into the box.

Add more tissue and fold the top of your wedding gown into the box. The top of the gown will now be facing up. Think of yourself doing the impossible: laying on your stomach with your legs folded over backwards while your head and shoulders are laying on top of your legs–facing up!

Use more tissue to stuff the bodice and to cushion anything else such as bows or sleeves. If prongs are holding the crystals on your wedding gown in place, be sure to put tissue over the prongs so they do not cause snags.

When you are finished, the dress should not move or “dance,” as the Spanish say, even if you shake the box. Save the dancing for your wedding day!

Quick Fixes for Pesky Wrinkles

Hang your wedding gown in the bathroom, turn the shower to hot, close the door, and let the shower run until the room is filled with steam, which will relax most creases.

Invest in a portable hand steamer you can use whenever you travel. Guard against spotting water-sensitive fabrics such as silk by wrapping the head of the steamer in a small towel or SteamerSock.

Professional Pressing

Of course, the surest solution to the wrinkle problem is having your wedding gown professionally pressed once you arrive at your destination. Click here to find the Specialist near you or call 800-501-5005. Many of our Certified Wedding Gown Specialists™ offer free pressing if you also use their services for cleaning and preservation after the wedding.

Safe Travels!

– S.O.