Top 5 items to have cleaned and renewed to look your best in the New Year*

*Check out our guest entry in KIT Magazines’ January/February Issue – page 38!


Renew your sweater with a professional clean.  Dry cleaning is gentler then laundering in a machine at home, especially for investment pieces made of cashmere and wool.  Easily renew your sweaters at home by de-pilling them.  Pilling is caused by the sweater rubbing together at your side, under arms, on elbows and chest during wear.  Remove them often with a handheld de-pilling device you can purchase at a fabric store or online.

Leather Handbags:

Renew leather handbags by taking them to a leather specialist who can clean, condition, repair and protect them.  A professional can remove ink stains and repair worn areas such as handles, front pockets and the bottom of the bag.


Renew your shoes by wiping them down with a soft cloth to remove dirt and salt residue. Polish them to replace the lost oils and to give them a barrier between debris and the leather.  Place a simple unfinished cedar shoe tree with a split toe and a fully shaped heel in your shoes to draw out moisture from average wear and reshape them to their ideal shape.  If the soles, tips and heels need repair, a professional will be able to clean, polish and repair and return them to their new condition.

Coats & Jackets:

These staples can take a beating while they protect you from the elements.  Renew your outerwear by having it professionally cleaned.  Check the cuffs, collars, the body and belts for stains and be sure to point them out.  After cleaning, hang them on a well-padded or wooden hanger to maintain the shape and shake it out after every wear.  Keep your closet vacuumed to prevent dust and dirt from settling on them and use a lint brush often.

Slacks and Blouses:

Ready to wear items off the rack rarely fit perfectly.  Don’t be afraid to invest in simple alterations to renew your items and give them a custom fit.  Most likely there are items in your closet you’d wear if they were tweaked to fit better.  Check for repairs needed such as buttons, hems, broken belt loops, and gaping waist bands and let a professional bring them back to life.  You’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe!

What items will you renew first this New Year?  Contact us if you have any questions on how to care for your items at home or to learn more about how we can help!