We experienced a lot of rain this past weekend in Central Indiana and even if you didn’t see water in your home as a result, mold can still grow and thrive. All it needs is a place of high humidity and warmth and it can form on floors, walls, personal items and – your clothing. Once mold starts growing, it grows very fast within in 48-72 hours in the right conditions and it will severely damage materials in a short time. The faster you can find a mold-contaminated item, the better. Mold become increasingly hard to remove as it grows and thrives.

Some examples of what causes mold to form on clothes:

Leaving soaking-wet garments in a plastic bag for days or even weeks
Storing clothing in a basement with water leakage
Allowing damp, soiled clothes to remain in a laundry hamper too long
Leaving clothes or linens out on a screened porch during wet weather or in a baby stroller left outdoors or in a dark, damp place
Failing to brush clothes that have been worn to clean out a crawl space
Leaving a garment next to books, papers that are damp, or inside luggage that has become moldy.

If you experience water damage and mold on your garments or household times, including area rugs, let us take a look at them. We are excellent at restoring water damaged items including those affected by mold. Although you may use bleach or vinegar at home to treat mold, you run the risk of ruining the color and the integrity of the garment.

Put mold-contaminated items in a separate bag from other garments and bring it to our technicians as soon as possible.

Classic Cleaners professionals have earned a reputation for expert stain removal and can help!

– S.O.