Damar Services of Indiana believes all teens deserve to have the opportunity to have a wonderful experience at prom, like any other teenager and young adult.  This is why every year the dedicated professionals hold this rite of passage for the young men and women with developmental challenges and autism who are served by Damar Services. They pin on corsages, dine, dance, have photos taken, and even pick a prom king and queen.

Damar has been hosting this joyful evening for their clients, ages 16-12, for over 20 years.  It is the favorite event for many of their older youth. The young men are fitted with a suit that they get to keep, and the young ladies have a large selection of beautiful prom dresses.  They have been fortunate to have the support of the community with the many donations of suits and dresses, shoes and accessories. To make this event all it can be, Damar requested from the public to donated new or gently used men’s suits, sport coats, shirts, belts and shoes via collection boxes at various businesses. Prom dresses were provided by a generous sponsor.

Once the suits and dresses were collected and matched with over 90 participants, we sent Justin, one of our pick-up & delivery representatives, to pick up the items.  Classic Cleaners complimentary cleaned and pressed 203 items and returned them to Damar ready to wear.

This year’s prom is Thursday, May 5, 2016.  Volunteers will arrive on campus to help the young adults get ready.  Hair, makeup, and nails will be done!  The most exciting part for many is when the limos arrive to take them to prom.  This takes place at The Palms in Plainfield.  On this night more than 90 of Damar’s young men and women will have a catered dinner, dance to a live DJ, and submit their king and queen ballots.

At Damar Services, they achieve what many cannot — enabling people challenged by autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and related behavioral challenges to live more successful lives.  Damar offers a full continuum from as early as the age of 2 through the caring for the aging population that have developmental disabilities.  Damar provides services for over 1,500 clients and their families every single day.  These services include ABA therapy for early intervention autism services, a 46 acre residential campus for up to 130 youth, two schools including a public charter academy, a foster care program, adult living support, outpatient services, and our newest program, an adult day program.

Classic Cleaners was honored to volunteer our cleaning services to assist Damar with this amazing event.  We wish all the young men and women a magical evening at Prom!