There’s nothing like the fresh scent of savings to go with your laundry. Here are five tips that will help you save with every load:

Run full loads. You’ll save energy and water by reducing cycles.
Clean the lint filter in your dryer before each load to improve air circulation.
Inspect and clean the dryer vent periodically. Better air flow means more efficient drying.
Hang laundry to dry. Hang clothes outside to dry on nice days, or hang them inside when the weather is not so nice.
Use ENERGY STAR rated washers and dryers. They use less energy and water than standard models.

Now that your basket is full, be sure to use these tips every time you run a load. And, if you’d rather NOT do laundry, remember we will do it for you! Here’s info on our Wash, Dry, Fold service.

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– S.O.