You don’t have to wear designer clothing or spend a lot of time putting your outfit together to have style.  Below are 10 easy and simple ways to look more stylish without it taking much of your time.  Just invest in some basics and follow the tips below.

  1. Wear your dress shirts without the T shirt underneath.  It’s not stylish to see a white T shirt under a dress shirt.  That may have been the norm long ago but to upgrade your style, leave the T shirt at home.
  2. Wear pink.  The simplest, most timeless and most effective splash of color you can incorporate into your daily routine is the casual, well-worn pink oxford.
  3. Keep your collars neat.  Add a collar stay to your shirt collars so they don’t fly away for the easiest way to look put together.
  4. Tailor your clothing.  There’s nothing more stylish than wearing something that fits well.  Alter ill-fitting items that you love, bringing new life to items you’d otherwise chuck.
  5. Find a brand/designer that looks best on your body type and stick with that label.  You look most stylish when items fit well regardless of the brand or the current trend.
  6. Match your belt with your shoes.  Yes, this is simple and you may think it doesn’t matter.  If you want to look like a snappy dresser – it matters.
  7. Keep your accessories simple.  You only need a few simple belts that will go with both jeans and suits. Be sure to rotate them so they last.
  8. Wear a watch.  It’s a stylish accessory.  Choose a clean, classic band made of leather or alligator.
  9. Match your socks to one of the colors in your ensemble, not the shoes.  Choose a single element of your getup – the tie, the shirt, the blazer – and match that.
  10. Shine your shoes.  They will make your entire outfit look nicer and the shoes will last longer. 

    See how simple that was?  What items in your closet do you gravitate toward to look more stylish.  We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

    – S.O.